Our pledge starts now

We have listened, learned and had important conversations about what we need to do to make Works more inclusive, diverse and representative of global cultures, we work in.

So we took a step back to review our culture, with new steps in place, but it’s clear, we have more work to do.

Following this, we have drawn up a pledge outlining the actions we will take, starting today.

We call this pledge: Immersed in Cultural Diversity (IiCD)

IiCD will be at the core of everything we do, and whilst some changes will be quick, others will require a long-term shift. It is our commitment to make the agency more inclusive and diverse, by deepening our understanding of global cultures.

We believe diversity and inclusion strengthen our team spirit and enrich our creative thinking. Works is a home here every voice is heard, and everyone feels a sense of belonging.

We appreciate the patience and support of the Works team and wider community as we strive to be better.

What do we mean by IICD?

We recognise that winning in today’s environment, you need to be more than just an agency, you need to stand for something.

For over 30 years Works has immersed itself in cultures from around the world and built its success from understanding cultural differences and celebrating them to develop brilliant creativity.

We see the value IICD brings to our people, our thinking, our ideas and our clients, strengthen our propositions and make our creative more compelling and connected.

By standing for something meaningful, this not only sets us apart from our peers, but supports the growing agenda we see from our clients, on the subject of inclusion and belonging.


Works will revamp its recruiting process (create a Works policy), monitoring diversity, working with local education, colleges anduniversities

Community Engagement

Works will aim to fund XXXX

Works will aim to use local talent in the regions we work
Works will engage with local community sports to support their inclusion/diversity values

Works will engage with local ‘committees’ to support their inclusion/diversity values Works will forge relationships with xxxxxxx who share our values


Works will aim to support increasing Women in positions that matter in the world of sport Works will aim to host an IICD event yearly raising awareness for xxxx

Works will publish a yearly IICD report to summarise our progress and highlight what more can be done

"We are immensely proud of our heritage and this new pledge will set us apart as we reach and aim to live up to our ambitions"

Roy Webber - Works CEO/Founder

Our clients include some of the world’s most prestigious and leading brands and global organisations.

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