UEFA EURO 2024™ On-Air Package

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  • Broadcast Design


  • 4K CGI Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Broadcast Design
  • CGI Modelling
  • Concept Generation
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design
  • Project Management
  • Storyboarding




  • James Brunger
  • Paul Birks
  • Caris Iles
  • Sean Simmonds
  • Josh Sunley
  • Dan McMinnis
  • Batuhan Perker
  • Matt Boddy
  • Gary Nelson


  • Grizzle : Players Rotopaint Animation

On-Air Package

Devised as part of a creative pitch, UEFA commissioned WORKS to develop the UEFA EURO 2024™ ‘Home of Football’ concept and bring to life all the on-air brand communications.

An ambitious first for UEFA, we have created a titles concept that enables us to place EURO legends of all eras into a single environment, celebrating iconic moments in one larger than life brand inspired stadium.

In order to be able to have the likes of Panenka and Ronaldo playing in the same space, we designed a stylised illustrative approach to the players on the pitch. Retaining crucial likenesses, whilst removing excess detail, was key to achieving the final look. Carefully motion tracking the pitch and stands to match the camera angles of those iconic moments, the space was re-imagined and filled with EURO 2024™ colour and energy – creating a bespoke 3D ‘Home of Football’ stadium for our players to compete within.

We employed a frame-by-frame rotopaint technique, translated from UEFA EURO™ archive footage, to retain authenticity, but adding a unique and consistent flair across the players and eras. Particular attention was paid to facial details and kit designs of that specific year.

To celebrate the cultural diversity of Germany, we created the fans as an abstract sea of bouncing colour that flows through the country and into the stadium to fill the stands with rhythm and emotion.

Our vision for the UEFA EURO 2024™ graphics package was to inject the vibrant colour palette of the brand in a controlled way, so that data and information remains clear and bold. The colour bands of our stadium roof, along with the colour burst within the logo itself were inspiration for the motion and colour theory for the match graphics. This paired with subtle upwards curves, conveys the spirit of our Home of Football.

The wider programming elements package also present key EURO 2024™ brand assets via the Henri Delaunay trophy and the illustrative host city stadiums which we re-imagined as 3D models on a map of Europe.

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