FEI World Championships 2022

4K CGI Animation | Art Direction | CGI Modelling




  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Bumpers


  • 4K CGI Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Broadcast Design
  • CGI Modelling




  • James Brunger
  • Sean Simmonds
  • Josh Sunley

Title Sequences

WORKS were tasked with creating bespoke broadcast assets incorporating titles and bumpers for the prestigious International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) World Championships. This would feature two separate events, showcasing five equestrian disciplines. The client wanted a unique approach.

We felt it was important not to have the concept restricted by footage which can date quickly, and chose to explore CGI as a far more creative solution.

Looking at each individual discipline we applied a combination of textures and materials we felt best reflected each discipline. Leading with that as an aesthetic, we added on-screen content that delivered iconic movement for that discipline.

Jumping - focusing on the power of the horse and rapid acceleration. We chose smoke to reflect this.

Vaulting – a discipline that oozes opulence, grace and athleticism. Crystal reflected this perfectly.

Driving – requires grit, attrition and explosive energy – we chose sand to represent this.

Dressage – is about precision and control which we showed this through threads.

Eventing - diverse and adapting by nature – and represented by water.

The result is a collection of powerful and dramatic sequences that have proved true showstoppers and drawn hugely positive feedback from the FEI and many of our other clients.

Our clients include some of the world’s most prestigious and leading brands and global organisations.

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