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UEFA Women’s Champions League 2021-25

Our goal was to refresh the previous identity, which we also originally created. The already iconic ring of stars which formed the logo was recrafted to strengthen the connections concept representing the aspirational values. The whole secondary brand system including colour palettes and graphic elements have been designed to provide a coherent look across all colateral including ON & OFF Air applications.

We have created a visual identity that helps UEFA Women’s Champions League to set the benchmark for global women’s football competitions.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League logo. A symbol of achievement. Designed to harmonise with the UCL logo whilst retaining its unique identity

Master assets and inspirational applications created, along with a suite of brand guidelines.

The on-air brand develops the ‘dream’ trophy design as a physical entity, initially formed and embellished by coloured light. The titles celebrate the best action from the tournament’s rich legacy, whilst the sequence culminates with the real tangible trophy that future champions will hold.

As part of the new brand identity, we were commissioned to devise and produce a new on-air and digital toolkit. This includes main opening titles, stings, promos, wipes, studio loops and maps.

We also designed and animated the core onscreen gfx for the package, building a suite of on-brand assets with clarity and grace.

Our clients include some of the world’s most prestigious and leading brands and global organisations.

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